For Your Protection

For Your Protection

1 July 2020

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Building permits are required for any foundation repair in the city of Huntsville and most other cities require the contractor to obtain one. If your contractor asks you to get the permit, they do not have a license. A new ordinance in the city of Huntsville requires any home in a designated slope area to have a structural engineer approval of the design before a permit will be issued. We have an engineer we work with on these approvals which usually costs between $200 and $300 for inspection of the home and his seal on our repair plan with a letter to the city.

Before an agreement is reached with any company to repair your foundation, check with previous customers concerning the company’s reliability and service. Play it safe and call the Better Business Bureau. The eventual decision of which contractor to use should be based on cost of repair, past service record, methods of repair and reputation of the company. Check the guarantee provided by other contractors and determine when a guarantee will be voided, such as thickness of footing or lack of steel reinforcement in the footing. Most homes built before 1980 do not have steel reinforced footings. Be very cautious of any contractor that requires a deposit or any money when starting. They may not be financially stable. We never require any money when we start and normally require full payment on completion. On large jobs costing approximately $15,000.00 or more, we may require partial payment about half way through the job. Look at our deep-drilled, concrete piers and other repair methods. Which method would support your home better, forever? It’s obvious that’s why we haven’t changed to one of the easier repair methods.

Remember – lowest price isn’t always the best choice.


Should the specified corrective work fail due to faulty construction, Foundation & Structural Renovations, Inc. will repair at no cost to the owner. Failures in adjacent or other parts of the structure that was not repaired or failures caused by the massive intrusion of water in the repaired area causing heave are not covered.