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Foundation & Structural Renovations Inc. is the leading expert in the Huntsville, Madison, North Alabama area for repairs on foundations, slabs, basements and retaining walls. We also do structural framing repairs, slabjacking, leveling, deep drilled concrete piers to rock and pressure grouting.

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This is the oldest proven method of foundation repair but the most time consuming. These drilled piers are the only method used in new construction of commercial buildings, parking garages and overpasses. Our piers are only a scaled down version to support the load of the house. Drilled piers are installed on homes at construction in some areas of the country.

Other easier methods of foundation repair have been developed over the last 20 to 30 years but none compare to the drilled piers. We have tried some of these methods in the past but encountered problems and decided we couldn’t stand behind them.



  1. We know what we bear on! If shallow rock is encountered, a 1˝" hole is drilled 2' into the rock to verify it is not a thin layer of rock. Our equipment will also drill through tree roots and small rock layers. Other methods will stop when they encounter objects below ground. We space our piers 5' to 6' apart, which is the maximum recommended by structural engineers, considering most homes with foundation problems have minimal footings and no rebar reinforcements. Any farther spacing and the footing may break between the piers and leveling is restricted. The bearing area on rock is the full 12" diameter of the pier and we can see the bottom of the pier shaft and the rock. If rock is not encountered at a depth of 12' to 14', or deeper if required, the bottom of the pier shaft is enlarged to 30" with a belling tool.


  2. On rocky mountainside lots, we normally spend more time with a jackhammer than drilling equipment. Chunk rock or layered rock is removed with the jackhammer until good rock is encountered and verified as stated in #1 above. The new concrete piers are doweled to the rock with rebar to prevent slide of the piers on the rock.

  3. The 12" diameter pier shaft is filled with 4000 psi concrete, steel reinforced with four vertical 5/8" rebar the depth of the pier shaft.

  4. The center of the pier shaft is placed under the center of the foundation, not on the outside of the footing supporting a metal bracket that extends under the footing as some methods are.


  5. The bearing of the footing at each pier location is approximately 20" to 24" rather than 6" to 12" with other methods. The poured concrete cap between the new pier and footing supports the existing footing continuously and forms to the irregular bottom of the footing.

  6. Concrete is forever and never stops getting stronger. Concrete does not rust.

  7. We are very successful during the leveling process since we use 20 ton hydraulic jacks at each pier location to raise the structure. Each jack is raised at a different rate to raise the area evenly.


We have always taken pride on leaving a yard as good as or better than it was when we started. This probably accounts for the most compliments we get. On completion, the area is graded, topsoil added if required, shrubs replanted if removed and new mulch placed in the beds around the home if disturbed. Lawn areas are seeded and strawed. All concrete surfaces are pressure washed.

Foundation & Structural Renovations Inc. - Foundation repair specialist in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama